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Industrial Central Vacuum System Design & Implementation


GFM Engineering Solutions provide a full turnkey vacuum system service from centralised spillage recovery systems, hazardous material recovery and pneumatic conveying systems. All systems are designed in house and supplied by world leading OEMs.

Centralised Spillage Recovery Systems

The centralised spillage recovery systems don’t just reduce airborne dust, they recover valuable product and discharge it back into the process. In some cases the revenue generated from material recovered by the systems paid for the supply and installation of the system within a few months. The high air velocity allow material to be recovered from fine dust to coarse particles.

We offer systems that can provide up to 90% vacuum using roots or intercooled roots type exhausters for dry products and liquid ring exhausters for wet processing. Our vacuum systems are supplied with reinforced steel bends, filtration equipment, exhausters and silencers where required.

Central Vacuum system experience includes:

Mining industry – Platinum and Gold Mining and Processing

Industrial Systems – Petrochemical catalyst recovery, Grain Recovery from Rail Trucks and Garnet Recovery in sandblasting operations

Hazardous Material Recovery

The hazardous waste recovery service is limited to the collection of oil spills from harbours where they are contained already. We are able to provide emergency response equipment to recover contaminated water quickly and effectively for cleaning or disposal by 3rd parties. The equipment can be trailer or truck mounted to suite the need of the specific client.

Pneumatic Conveying System Design & Implementation

The vacuum systems can be implemented as lean phase pneumatic conveying systems for a range of practical uses. Transferring hazardous material using vacuum provides the benefit that should a leak in the pipeline occur the hazardous material is contained due to the vacuum inside the system. Air is pulled from the atmosphere in, effectively containing any harmful or hazardous dust inside the system.

The use of vacuum transfer systems has been used to great effect in diamond sort houses to circulate diamond concentrate through the X-ray sorting systems. Vacuum transfer systems are further used inside the final sorting of diamonds by providing a contact-free method of transferring the final sorted diamonds into a secure vault using a suction system inside glovebox.

High temperature transfer

Vacuum systems are able to provide high temperature dry product transfer as used in the graphite electrode curing industry where metallurgical coke has been successfully transferred at temperatures in excess of 400 °C. The advantage of using vacuum to transfer high temperature product is that the filtration and heat sensitive equipment are at the back end of the process where the hot air can be treated after the product has been separated from the air stream.

Belt Cleaning Solutions

Vacuum transfer systems are able to provide a very effective belt cleaning solution where fine dry product are embedded in cracks on conveyor belt systems. In the case of fine alumina conveying systems the fine alumina particles release where the conveyor travels over the take up pulley. The fine alumina can cause a drowning hazard and need to be cleaned continuously to mitigate this risk. A custom vacuum scraping system can remove the hazard.