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Dust Suppression, Misting & Atomising System Design & Implementation

Atomised fogging systems have been effectively used in industry for many years now, but are often mistaken as mere water sprays. Water sprays do not suppress air borne dust, they wet the product to the DEM level, often causing downstream chute blockage and spillage.

The systems we provide are broken down in two types of systems – namely an air-water atomised system and a high pressure water atomised system. We do not offer systems that contain chemicals or surfactants to suppress dust, we rely on water droplet size to reduce dust emissions. Small water droplets will be attracted by larger dust particles and will drop out into the ore stream below.

Air-Water Atomising Systems

Air-Water Atomising Systems are the most effective fogging type system because they can reduce the droplet size to approx. 15 micron which mean that they can treat a finer range of dust particles effectively. The systems use compressed air to atomise water through a specially designed nozzle to create a very fine mist.

The mist is introduced into the ore stream to reduce air borne dust particles. The units are effective in the mining and industrial treatment of air borne dust sources and are extremely effective in equipment transfer points inside processing plants.

High Water Pressure Systems

The alternative to using compressed air is using high water pressure. These systems are more robust than the Air- Water Atomizing Systems but not as effective. They are able to provide 90% of the droplet size under 35 micron, dependent on the type on nozzle and application they are used in. These systems are more effective for a harsher mining environment like ROM tips and Rail Tipplers.

All fogging systems require the three C’s to work effectively:

Capture – Dust particles need to be directed to a containment area

Contain – Dust Particles need to be contained where fogging can interact with dust laden air

Condition – Dust Particles need sufficient contact time with the atomized spray.

Our Experience

Fogging system experience include:

Mining industry – Coal, Aggregates, Gold, Copper, Iron Ore, Mineral Sands and Vanadium

Industrial Systems – Hammer Mill Cooling in scrap metal industry, wood chipping dust suppression system.