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Consulting Engineering Services

The implementation of good dust containment principles early in the design of any processing facility is key to ensure effective dust control. GFM Engineering Solutions provide engineering services to assist in plant design that minimises dust emissions from the start of the design process. This approach minimises potential requirement for costly modifications after construction.

We also offer full dust emissions reviews of existing plant and can provide a full report of recommendation. We are able to conduct site visits, report and offer full design to rectify any problem areas identified.

Plant Design Services

GFM Engineering Solution further offer a full process plant design service. We are able to assist with Mining projects from concept stage to execution. We have a different approach to project execution.

The key to a successful execution of a project of this nature is client interaction and adaptability. GFM Engineering believe that clients require engineering presence on a daily basis through the duration of the project. Most EPC engineering consultancies, however cannot afford to provide a full time resource as most engineering resources are utilized to each project a % of their time only.

EPCM consultancies do provide this service but for both types of engineering strategies the projects are governed by a specific set of internal company rules which include reviews and procedures to conform to company standards. Often the internal governance of these businesses do not allow any flexibility to adapt to the client’s requirements and are extremely inefficient if a deviation is attempted.

Execution Stategy

The integration of a Design Manager in the client’s business is key to a successful project outcome, the DM not only gains insight on the client’s vision and values but also gets a “feel” for what is considered project success.

The Design Manager is a working engineer that provides a high level design, utilising specialist engineering resources (Network Strategy) to provide input if and when required.

On a recent project the Design Manager provided a full 3D design, where the client can see, on a daily basis, how the model progresses and have key input into any changes before the design is subjected to reviews and formally issued to the client. This saves time and money because the client input is provided much earlier than during normal project execution and a sense of ownership is inherent.

Cost Savings

The Design Manager is adaptable and flexible in the design and execution of the project. A recent client saved more than 50% of the projected Capital Cost by adapting the design to include second hand equipment into the design. The Design Manager is able to assist the Client in selecting suitable equipment and directly implement any changes required to the design to accommodate the change in layout and or duty.

The Network strategy of project execution allows engineering to be done at well below our competitors’ rates because we do not have large overheads or non-billable management teams to account for.

Our focus is to provide our clients with a practical and reasonably priced service that will build trust between Engineers and Clients.